Thursday, December 30, 2010


Looking forward to the new year? Well, UFO enthusiasts might have even more reason to ring in 2011. It seems a number of sightings have taken place on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day all around the world. Take caution, however! There are plenty of things flying about the skies to confuse you. Probably the most likely culprit is the growing trend of sending up Chinese lanterns. If you are not familiar with these flying fire hazards, check out this video.

Last New Year's Eve was a busy one as the following reports attest.

A witness recorded a "UFO" from his porch in Santa Cruz, CA. Some believe the glowing orange object was merely a Chinese lantern. Santa Cruz Video

The same evening, a couple spotted a similar round, orange glowing object over Cardiff, South Wales in the UK at 10 past midnight. Another Chinese lantern? Cardiff Sighting

A Florida couple spots a UFO for the second year in a row on New Year's Eve. This time, they caught it on video. You guessed it! More reddish-orange lights floating in the sky. Florida Video

That night as well, in Norway, this video was shot. The first few seconds CLEARLY show a Chinese lantern. Norway Footage

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Autumnforest said...

Awesome post. Your blog rocks, dude! I have to say on the 2000 New Year, I had a party and we did the Chinese lanterns and it was hilarious. One caught a tree on fire and we had to pull out the hose and hose it down. I'm sure the neighbors wondered what happened to the top of their tree. We acted innocent. I don't even want to now what happened to the ones that got away and kept floating.