Friday, August 20, 2010

Oklahoma Horror Author Offers Up More Chills

Part Lovecraft, part Bradbury, Oklahoman Michael Vance inarguably crafts chilling masterpieces that have grown steadily in popularity.

Somehow Vance both embraces and transcends the pulp novel, which has long mined Lovecraftian landscapes, to present something that, if not fresh, at least feels somehow more honest. Perhaps it is his heartland roots that pinion his fantastic imagination machine to relatable characters. In writing about the first volume in the Weird Horror Tales trilogy, reviewer Michelle Souliere stated, "His characters are normal, desperate, deranged, owners of strange agendas, people who want basic and harmless lives, and people who want to cause harm to enrich their lives."

His latest installation in the series, "The Feasting", is due out this fall. You can read a press release here

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