Monday, August 23, 2010

Offutt Continues Push For Black Eyed Kids

Previously, I have written about Jason Offutt and the emerging paranormal motif of "black eyed kids", who seem to be the bastard children of Men in Black and Shadow People. In researching this on the Internet, you may find yourself coming to the same conclusion I have. To wit, BEK's seem to be centered strongly around Offutt.

“The one thing that set these kids apart from other kids, they had deep, completely black eyes,” he said. “This really set me back. I felt like as if they actually were able to see me.” Noetic pushed open the lobby door, ready to tell the boys to leave or he would call the police. He never got the chance. “One kid looked at me and said almost instantly, ‘That will not be necessary sir, we simply need to use your phone, can you let us in?’” Noetic said. “I do not let anyone in.”

Now, this could be that he's the only one chronicling these accounts. However, I have to wonder - given their newness on the scene - if Offutt isn't promulgating these stories, either by inspiration or by crafting some of these tales himself.

Almost without exception, the individuals who have written Offut to share their own encounters with these creepy beings have done so anonymously, vaguely, or solely to this author of such books as "Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us," and “Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide to Missouri's Most Spirited Spots”.

While the authenticity of these accounts might be questioned, their creepiness cannot. Moreover, Offutt doesn't relay witness testimony verbatim. Instead he draws upon his skills as a journalist to craft chilling short tales worthy of any horror collection.

If you would like to see Offutts many entries on this emerging meme, check out his blog(s): From The Shadows


Buck said...

Sounds like excellent groundwork for someone who is getting ready to push the newest "paranormal series" in novel form or pitch a movie script.

I'd put money that one of those is the real origin of "black eyed kids" and not some paranormal cross breeding program. ;)

Above the Norm said...

I have read many of Jason's stories about the "Black Eyed Kids" and I have to say that they are pretty creepy. Real or not, I like reading about these strange dark eyed kiddies.

Cullan Hudson said...

As long as it is intelligent, sophisticated, and above all, entertaining, then I say let the line between fact and fantasy be blurred. Assuming no malice (vis-à-vis a hoax) is afoot, then it makes for an interesting and mysterious puzzle. And, given the amount of crap out there in the cinemas these days, I'd welcome a well-crafted horror thriller.