Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Former Astronaut Talks UFO's and Poop In Latest Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair's Eric Spitznagel sat down with former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of only a dozen humans to set foot on the moon, to talk about his experiences. The interview takes an interesting turn...

...So in addition to your footprint, there’s a big bag of your excrement up there?

(Laughs.) Well no, probably not anymore. Sometimes we’d dispose of it during an EVA (extra-vehicular activity), when we were getting rid of a bunch of extra stuff. We did that on Gemini 12. I remember we were headed local horizontal, local vertical, and we opened the hatch and I had three bags worth gripped between my legs...

Three bags of…?

Yeah, yeah. And I just tossed them like this. (Pantomimes throwing bags over his shoulders.) Straight up! Being very familiar with orbital mechanics, I should have realized what I’d just done. I’d put those three bags on a free return trajectory. (Laughs.) Straight back to us!

This is starting to sound like a Farrelly Brothers comedy.

So an orbit later, we looked out the window and there were three bags in a row, heading straight for us.

Did you recognize what they were right away? A couple of years ago you hinted that you might’ve seen a UFO during a space mission. Is it possible you were just looking at floating bags of your own poo?

(Laughs.) No, not at all. They were very close. We could certainly tell what they were.

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Talk about your Moon Pies...


Horror with Heart said...

Ha. Ruined Moon Pies for me forever, but ha anyway.

Cullan Hudson said...

Don't let it ruin Moon Pies for you. Mmmmmoooon pies.... :-D