Friday, May 14, 2010

Earthquake Lights Make Rare Appearance In San Diego

The mysterious Earthquake Lights, which some scientists attribute to the piezoelectric properties of quartz-heavy rock layers during tectonic activity, are a rare phenomenon. This example was shot recently during a rash of seismic activity in San Diego. Once thought a myth, Earthquake Lights weren't accepted by scientists until the late 1960's when photographic evidence arose to confirm their existence. More information here and here. Might this or a similar phenomenon be behind reports of "Spook Lights" and the like?

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Autumnforest said...

You know, I saw the same thing in California in 1987 when we had the 6.0. I assumed it was just sun dogs made from moisture in the clouds and sun shining through. It wasn't until they were recently talked about in the news that I realize that "pretty thing" I saw in the sky that day was a harbinger. When it happened, I just remember thinking how such a beautiful morning turned so strange. I also remember every dog in the entire community going berserk. It was a sound I will never forget. They even warned me when we got aftershocks. I went and fed some of them treats as a thank you. Nature is amazing.