Monday, October 5, 2009

Are The Ghost Hunters All TAPSed out?

T.A.P.S., the acronymic stars of SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" series, are once again involved in claims of hoaxing evidence. The video above is only the most recent example, but a jacket-tugging incident about a year ago spawned similar accusations. In fact, these stories seemingly have been cropping up for some years now. When the team investigated Oklahoma's Stone Lion Inn, some peripheral witnesses came back with claims that the production staff used black thread in order to remotely control the movement of objects. Thusfar, the stalwart cast and crew have weathered these controversies and continued to put on a successful show. One wonders, however, with the apparent increase in suspected hoaxes and ever-revolving door of celebrity guest stars, if TAPS isn't tapped out. Or, in industry parlance, have they "jumped the shark"?


Joseph J. Andrasi said...

You are looking at two entirely different views of the window: The first, where the panes are visible, is a wider angle shot with better lighting; The second view is a closeup of only the lower right hand corner of the window with poor lighting. There is no way to tell if the panes are still present or not. Need better proof than this to convince me of a hoax.
Joseph J. Andrasi

Cullan Hudson said...

In the second, supposedly "faked" shot, you see a wide enough view to see where the lower mullion should be. It is not present in that view, which leads me to suspect that the lower half of the window is now in the upward, open position.

loretocedrone said...

As the originator of the posted video, for those who still BELIEVE. BELIEVE THIS. It's fake. See Video # 4:
Let me take you scene by scene:
Scene One: Window's open (I'm referring to the inside window not the storm. Towel's on tub.
Scene Two: Grant exits bathroom. Window's now closed. Towel's gone. The water bottle is now on the sill. We already have discprencies BEFORE the alleged paranormal event happens. They are: Window's up then down. Towels are there but then disappear.
Scene Three: Water bottle's on toilet tank lid. This must be a paranormal event! Oops! The damn window is open again,(I am referring to the inside 4 pane window, not the exterior storm) & the towels are still missing.
So, in Scenes One & Three we have an open window, but in the first scene there are towels, while in the third the towels are gone, just as they are in Scene Two, but in that scene the window is closed.
In reality it was most likely filmed like this:
The bathroom had plenty of activity. None of it paranormal

Word Woman said...

TAPS as so often said how they try first to DISPROVE what is experienced or reported. So it seems so strange that so many are willing to do just the opposite.