Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year Has Always Rung In New Mysteries

The historic and haunted Huber hotel that once sat at the heart of Apache, OK, was consumed by fire in January 2003.

In January 1956, Arthur Lee Jenkins claimed that an elderly man, whom he had just helped across the street, blew "voodoo" powder into his face, causing him to pass out. Both the reasons for and veracity of his claim were never investigated.

In January 1992, mysterious black helicopters and strange lights were witnessed in the sky northeast of Shawnee late one night.

Residents of Oakwood reported spotting a gorilla-like creature roaming their environs in January 1969.
January 1908 saw the birth of the "Dog Creek Panther" legend when Mary Tiger made her report of this mysterious preadator to the Foyil Statesman.

What is considered by many to be the very first UFO sighting in Oklahoma took place in January 1924 when a white, oval-shaped ovject was seen illuminating the ground before lifting off and disappearing into the distance.

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