Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I don't often write of personal events in my life, but yesterday as I swam in turbulent, post-Paloma Atlantic waters, I was attacked! A vicious man-hungry jelly fish had lashed at my wrist with its tentacles of doom!

I may be overstating a bit, but I can tell you ... IT HURT. Even as I type now, that arm isn't feeling 100% yet.

Apparently, if we've several days of Northern seas (as we did in the wake of Paloma) the chance of encountering jellyfish increases greatly. I know this now and can look forward to avoiding it in the future. However, I confess to feeling more than a tiny bit of trepidation about returning to the water so soon. Silly, I suppose...


RRRGroup said...

Suck it up Cullan! Tough it out!!

You baby....(but I wouldn't go in those waters....I is scared).


Buck said...

At the risk of sounding like Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain!"

I can't set foot in the Atlantic without attracting every jellyfish for thousands of miles.

Since I was 18 I have not swum in that ocean without an encounter with a Jellyfish! I have completely abandoned it for swimming in favor of the Pacific!

Jellyfish stings aren't fun and hurt like heck... especially if you get hot and sweaty before they're healed.

But... here's a tip. Get some of the meat tenderizer (Adolph's?) that they sell in the grocery store and make a paste and apply that to the area. It helps draw out the chemical they inject with the tentacles through the skin.

Ken said...

It may sound a bit silly, but I've always been fearful of encountering a jellyfish after hearing experiences of others. I'll use that as my excuse for never having gone more than two feet into ocean water.

I do hope you're feeling better by now though!