Monday, October 27, 2008

Once More Texans Look To The Skies

The denizens of the quiet Texas town of Dublin (home of Dr. Pepper) were startled by the appearance of UFO's in the night sky Thursday, October 23, 2008.

Among the witnesses were high-schooler Andy Monroe, his friends, and his mother. They all claimed to witness a ring of lights that flickered overhead. Monroe had the presence of mind to shoot 30 seconds of video before the object vanished.

Throughout the town, more than a dozen individuals have come forward to report the lights. Many more are unwilling to go on record. Some reported lights like Monroe saw, and others claim to have seen trios of lights spaced equidistant.

The Air Force announced F-18's were flying in the area. However, several witnesses claimed they had seen the strange lights only after the F-18's had departed.

Are these lights related to the phenomena reported earlier this year in and around Stephensville, TX? If so, what exactly is being seen by witnesses throughout the Lone Star State? Are there innocuous explanations for these strange sightings but the Stephensville incident has irreparably colored them as UFO's?

No one can yet say for certain what is happening. The best thing to do for now: keep looking to the sky for more answers.


Ken said...

I heard about this one. Texas is a strange place... maybe they want to take Bush back and offer us a refund.

Is it just me or does that Dr. Pepper can bare a striking resemblance to Apollo 13? Was it too what the doctor ordered?

Cullan Hudson said...

He's a pepper, she's a pepper, IT's a pepper too.

Yeah, in my own opinion, that's one abduction that has the green light.