Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jumping on the bandwagon after all: What I Believe

Following in the footsteps of Ken over at Spooked and Buck over at Buck's Ghosts and Hauntings, I present to my readers some thoughts on just what I believe at present. Of course, these thoughts could change over the years when new data becomes available.

Ghosts and Hauntings - Yes, I would say I do believe in those phenomena we categorize as Ghosts or Hauntings. However, I am not yet convinced we have a handle on just what we are witnessing. Are they truly disembodied, earth-bound spirits? Are these phenomena related to the vastly unknown realm of quantum physics; tricks of time-space? Or are they, as some think, projections of the psychic mind. Perhaps they are actually comprised of a combination of these things. So, while I believe in what is being witnessed, my jury is still out on just what is being witnessed.

EVP - Yes, I think there are some very real EVP's being collected, but whether we are looking at the transcription of radio communications to audio devices or picking up leaked sounds from another dimension, I can't yet say. It warrants further study. I will say this however, there is a lot of bunk EVP's out there. A lot of people are very willing to hear what they will in random noise.

Orbs would fall into this category too. Quite simply, I would say that 99.9% of orbs are particulate contamination on a photographic or digital image. While, I believe that some have witnessed glowing balls of light (spooklights, will o' whisps, etc..), I don't think most of what is caught on film is legitimate.

UFO's - Similarly, I believe that the phenomena we call UFO's might be comprised of many different, unrelated incidents. Some indeed may be as banal as Venus or misidentified aircraft. While some - precious few - remain truly unexplained and may either represent extraterrestrial or extradimensional craft of some kind. We simply don't have enough information and, as with many of these phenomena, is awash in hoaxes and self-reinforcing delusions.

Cryptozoology - I firmly believe in the field of cryptozoology. There are countless examples of animals science has said either never existed or no longer exist that ardent cryptid hunters have proven otherwise. That said, within this field I am less sure of certain specimens. When it comes to bigfoot-like creatures, I am optimisitc but I think the data is fraught with garbage that prevents us from accurately assesing the situation. Whereas with things like Mothman or Werewolves (yes, some consider these as equal among more mundane cryptids such as the Thylacine), I have to say, the data doesn't hold up. From what I have read on these topics, there is little to believe that the creatures as described ever existed. They seem more like folklore than anything else. So, in all, cryptozoology is a mixed bag. The less fantastic-sounding the cryptid, the more likely I am to believe in its existence. A species that died out 200 years ago but is still reported? Sure. A winged man with glowing red eyes that scorces unsuspecting persons with radioactive heat rays? Ummmmm.....

Psychics - Quite simply I think there are far, far fewer than psychics than we are led to believe, usually by "psychics" themselves. I think there is enough credible scientific data to indicate that the human mind - especially for a small percentage - holds some capabilities beyond those of most. But I also think that it varies from person to person in both strength and frequency. So, some might be very "gifted" while others just have sporadic bouts of insight.


Buck said...

Nice article! You know, I forget that people lump vampires and werewolves in with cryptids. When I think of cryptozoology I've got Bigfoot, the water cryptids, and such in my mind usually. Of course, it's not my field so most of what I know is recall of books I read long ago.

Cullan Hudson said...

To learn more about cryptozoology, visit or talk to your local monster movie creature.

"The more you know..."

RRRGroup said...

Well, guess what Cullan...

I'm with your beliefs all the way.

So I guess we have to agree to agree.

(That's boring but nice.)