Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Evidence in the Mexico City UFO Filmed by Discovery Channel Crew

You may remember this recent case where videographers working for the Discovery Channel (ostensibly lending them credence) in Mexico caught an unidentified flying object on video. To many - myself included - the "UFO" appeared to be a contorting bundle of mylar balloons. However, the newly stabilized image shows an object that appears to be continuously rotating and morphing like a glob of liquid suspended in space. It is really quite strange.

See for yourself:

And here is the original version:


Ken said...

I got it!! Someone simply tossed a metallic Jell-O Loch Ness monster out of an airplane! A-HA!

Seriously... very odd, indeed. But what the heck is it???

Junty said...

It looks like it may well be a group of ballons in an air current.

In any case, how was the video modified so the object always remained in the center? that is quite an interesting thing to be able to do.

Cullan Hudson said...

There is software available that, in effect, locks on to an object and centers the image around it instead of the frame. A good example of what is happening is to look at the stabilized version of the famous Patterson/Gimlin film that captures "Patty" the bigfoot. It is easily found on the internet. Instead of the image of Patty dancing around as the camera jiggles, the frames are digitally realigned so that she seems to walk in a straight, fluid line - more as it would have looked to the naked eye.

matt said...

FAKE!!! doesnt even look remotely real

The Nivekian Konsolate said...

It's Cthulu wearing power armor descending from the heavens as foretold by prophecy.

Allen said...

you know it looks like the ufos cloaking sheild is malfunctioning.
if you look at the blob as one solid object you can see the shape of the ship.