Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mystery or Malfunction? Cell Phone Calls From Deceased Prompt Questions

A man who tragically passed in a train wreck, continued to call his love ones long after he had passed. Did a wreck-damaged cell phone dial randomly and repeatedly? Or does not only life extend beyond death but love as well?



RRRGroup said...

Well, Cullan, the phone continued to live (it seems), so maybe things go on and people don't.

(Elton John once said he liked his goodies more than people; the goodies were always there, while people often were not.)

Things have a life all their own, don't they?


Buck said...

That's so terrible for that family. To have hope that he is alive and then have it dashed. Of course, it could be a couple things. Either the phone was damaged and just redialed (not uncommon with cell phones) after all my former boss' voicemail greeting as her screaming at her kids to stop fighting because she inadvertantly called her voicemail while her phone was in her pocket and managed to reset her greeting! Then couldn't figure out how to change it.

The other and more disturbing explanation would be that he actually did no perish on impact and they were told that because the actual company does seem to have liability in the matter.

Either way, it's interesting, but we hear about "phone calls from the dead" all the time and most can be explained by equipment malfunction. Especially in the case of using "Caller ID" to determine the actual caller.