Friday, August 22, 2008

Parazona Interview

I'd like to extend thanks to the folks at Parazona Radio for having me on last night. It was a great show, with good energy and some great points of view. And to those who endured my ramblings. :-D Going forward, I wish them much success with their show. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, click here.


Unknown said...

Cullan, it was great to have you on the show. The guys were thrilled with your interview. I think Paul must have mentioned how "insightful" you were about 10 times afterwards. :) It was also nice to get the chance to finally say "hi" other than through email or blog comments! Thanks so much for doing the show.

Cullan Hudson said...

No, the honor was all mine. I really enjoyed it. Even though I must have sounded like a zombie for the first few minutes: I had awakened an hour earlier from a nap (which I generally despise taking) and it took me more than an hour for the grogginess to wear off.

And it was good to be able to put a voice to a face, too. :-D