Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Haunted Hangman

In 1911 it was reported that George Maledon, an executioner at the US Court in Fort Smith around the turn of the 20th Century, was often haunted by those men whom he had hanged. So troubled by their apparitions was he that Maledon took to sleeping with the lights on until his own death that year at the age of 87. In irony (or perhaps bad taste), his final resting place was near the very gallows that haunted him so.


Chris said...

Wow, thats pretty Ironic, sounds like it should have been a episode of the Twilight Zone lol Great article and great blog! Huge Huggs!

Cullan Hudson said...

Yeah, it has a certain "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" feel to it. But, by all accounts, the hangman was a jovial fellow until his end. He was buried honorably in a soldier's cemetery for his efforts during the Civil War.

Buck said...

We've got a spot coming up next month - whole building at an historic fort that was used for hangings and body storage.