Sunday, April 20, 2008

So Long Squadrons?

Peter Brookesmith, in his book UFO: The Complete Sightings, notes the absence in later decades of reported saucer squadrons, which were more prevalent in the early days of UFO's. Recent exceptions might include the famed Phoenix Lights. However, some claim these are simply lights flanking one large vessel, obscured by the darkness of night.


Cullan Hudson said...

Shortly after posting this, I received a link concerning the Phoenix Lights, which initially appeared over that Arizona city over 10 years ago and have begun again over this past year. The link is to a local TV station's report on a video shot on Monday.

Cullan Hudson said...

UPDATE: A Phoenix man has come forward claiming he hoaxed the event. The lights were flares tied to balloons, he says.


I say: where's the beef? If they were flares and balloons - well do it again! Re-create - exactly the whole scenerio. I am tired of mystery witnesses and spurious explanations that the media runs with with wagging their tails!!!