Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Henry The Eighth, I Am!

In 2003, a security camera captured what some claim is an apparition at Hampton Court, the 16th century palace in London, which was once home to King Henry VIII.

The video was discovered when security guards were reviewing tapes to understand why a fire alarm had gone off by itself near an exhibition hall. What they discovered, however, was far creepier.

The video shows a set of double doors swinging open by themselves, followed seconds later by a figure wearing a cloak. The figure wrestles the doors before closing them. According to reports, the doors were filmed opening by themselves the days prior and following the recording of the cloaked figure.

Some Australian tourists claimed to have seen a figure much like the one on video in that same section of Hampton Court. However, management has assured visitors that those who work in Hampton Court do not wear costumes like those of the figure caught on tape.

Hampton Court, like many old, historic buildings has a paranormal history. Claimants have come forward over the years with tales of seeing the ghosts of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour, Sibell Penn, and others.

Debate wages on both sides, as skeptics and believers continue to analyze the footage.


Cullan Hudson is said...



Page-Turner said...

It is creepy. I question why a spectre would need to open and close a door? That implies a coporeal nature at odds with the common understanding of a "ghost".

Cullan Hudson said...

To a certain extent, I have to agree. It closes a door that opened at approximately the time a fire alarm sounded. If spectral, why?

Krisspy Boy said...

OK! Here's the thing~ I worked for years installing and servicing security video systems. I have seen better stuff then this, buy the way it looks faked to me, many times. The only problem is that you can't say " Oh look you got a ghost" if you want to keep working in the security field. People don't want to know their place is haunted. I have seen some cool stuff, ghosts don't have that kind of detail. They look more like shadows moving a round the place. We always told people that we just need to service their system. Now everything is digital and you can't say it is just a bad tape.

Page-Turner said...

I recall seeing a security tape from a place I worked once. A shadow kept going in front of the front counter in the middle of the night. It would always be there at the same time - when the place was empty and closed. I mentioned it and was told it was nothing. No matter when you watched the security tape younever saw that except on those late night ones....