Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mysterious Flying Cryptid Buzzes San Antonio

The following report reminds me greatly of the myriad spottings of the fabled Thunderbird, including the Kildare account in Oklahoma:

More sightings of a huge flying creature, originally reported by KENS, have prompted an investigation to determine if it is a monster or myth. "Even though it was dark, the thing itself was black. The blackest I'd ever seen," said Frank Ramirez.
Years ago, Ramirez thought he was after a prowler in the back of his mother's Southwest Side home. But what greeted him on the garage rooftop still gives him goosebumps now.
"That's when the thing up there turned to me, and it was in a perched state, and it started to turn," he said. "It started to move its arms and this giant blackness was just coming out. At that point, I dropped the stick and I ran."
Ramirez sketched a drawing of the large, bird-like creature. The image is disturbing, and similar to dozens of sightings across San Antonio and South Texas.
"If you were to take a man's face and pull his chin down, just like a stretched face," said Ramirez.


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Biggy Blogger said...

What are the chances that this is some peyote induced hallucination? The description indicating that the face was similar to a man's with the chin pulled down is interesting. One of the 'complications' of hallucinatory drugs is the images of distorted humans much like the description.

Cullan Hudson said...

Interesting hypothesis and I agree. More needs to be known about the witness rather than the mere fact that they claimed to see something.

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It was later learned that several people in a San Antonio park had been attacked by Owls in September 2007.

One or more owls began attacking visitors to Hollywood Park, leaving at least four wounded. The reasons for these attacks are not known, but one might assume aggressive territoriality as a motive.

Cullan Hudson said...

This is a distillation of the events as described on

For example, Hollywood Park in San Antonio, Texas, had a rash of owl attacks in September 2007, with at least four people left bleeding by the encounters. The four victims were all attacked by an owl while walking late at night or in the early morning, either in the 500 block of Rue de Matta Street or at the Voight Center.

The 18-inch-tall owl with a 35 to 40-inch wingspan first attacked at 8:25 p.m. on September 10, 2007, when the owl lacerated a resident’s head in the 500 block of Rue de Matta Street. The male victim reported that the owl struck him twice, and then he sought out cover in a nearby home, where he waited for his wife to pick him up.

The bird, described as a white owl with brown spots, then attacked a female victim at the Voight Center on El Portal Street one night in the same week. The woman, who did not leave her contact information with police, said that she was whacked in the head, then shone her flashlight to see the large owl flying to attack her again, and ducked. On Sept. 18 before 8 a.m., the owl struck a third time, drawing blood on the head of a 13-year-old boy on his way to school on Rue de Matta Street.