Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Lesser Known Folk Monsters

These beasts may not be among the most famous, but they have their followers who, despite evidence to the contrary, insist they are very real creatures worthy of fearing.

Mauthe Doog (Moddey Dhoo) - a legendary hell hound (if hell hounds can be small, black Spaniels) that haunts Peel Castle on the Isle of Mann. This mysterious animal has been reported since the 1700s walking the castle's corridors and sometimes curling up before the fire. The soldiers at the castle were wary of its presence but gave it due respect. The animal disturbed the men so much that they made a point of traveling in pairs and groups anywhere they went in the castle. It never seemed to bother them until one night when a drunken soldier boasted that he wasn't afraid of the Mauthe Doog and wandered off alone into the darkness of the castle. The dog arose from its spot in front of the fire and followed the man. Within a few minutes, the other soldiers were startled by anguished screams and cries of fear coming from the castle's dark recesses. The men raced as a group to the source of the distress and were shocked to find the drunken soldier dead.

The Snow Snake -- An internet urban legend about The Snow Snake has been making the rounds online for several years. The image of what clearly appears to be a rubber snake painted white sitting in the snow has been presented as a dangerous species of viper with a highly venomous bite. We'll just ignore the fact that snakes are cold-blooded and hibernate in the winter.

The Gumberoo -- Arising from tales told by early American lumberjacks, this beast resembles a very large, but hairless bear with a tough, shiny black hide. Legend said that bullets and arrows would not pierce its skin, but that it could be killed by fire.

Monster Turtle -- An enormous turtle is said to live in the waters of Big Blue Pond in Iowa's Clear Lake State Park near Mason City. 

The Ozark Howler -- This bear-sized horned beast is covered in shaggy black fur and emits a blood-curdling scream that is like a wolf and an elk having a drunken argument.

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