Tuesday, August 28, 2018


One of the many images cropping up
in the wake of these sightings.
Gárgolas--gargoyles to English speakers--are the new monster craze sweeping the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, home already to UFO sightings, the legendary Chupacabras, and the fearsome Moca Vampire.

The story began in Barceloneta on the north side of the island when something began killing chickens at night over the summer of 2018. The birds were all bit on the neck and drained of blood. Some animals that survived were left in a trance like state.

Eyewitnesses such as Edgardo Santiago Rodríguez described to Primera Hora a muscled gárgola like a "bodybuilder in animal form" with red eyes and a 4-foot wingspan. The creature is said to emit an unearthly scream as it flies about, seeking its prey.

These descriptions seem very familiar to previous tales of the Chupacabras and Moca Vampire.
Alarmists such a gubernatorial candidate from the Omnipotent Extraterrestrial Party, Reinaldo Ríos, believe the creature(s) will soon escalate to human prey as well.

Police in Barceloneta are investigating the strange goings-on with the assistance of locals such as Rodríguez. The group, armed with shotguns, is setting out cage traps in hopes of snaring the creature. So far, their efforts have proved fruitless.

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