Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moving 4-Ton Stones? Call The Wicker Man!

"I always thought that dragging these huge stones was physically impossible because of the friction on the surface. The key thing is the technology was always there around them," he said.

It is the movement of the 60 famous Bluestones which causes historians such problems. Each stone weighs up to 4 tons and they originally came from the Preseli Mountains in Wales – some 200 miles away.

Mr Lavin has come up with a cylinder ‘basket’ to roll the massive and irregularly-shaped stones.

The basket is created by weaving willow and alder saplings to form a lightweight structure that can be easily moved by 4 or 5 men. To complete the rig and to ensure the best rolling and floatation conditions, the gaps between the basketwork cylinder and the irregular stone are packed with thin branches.

This spreads the load as the basket flexes in transit, much like a modern tyre, and creates buoyancy when transported down rivers and across the sea.

One of Mr Lavin’s key discoveries during his earlier experiments was that the wicker cages that contained the stones were able to float. This would have enabled Neolithic man were able to get the huge stones across rivers on their journey, as well as making it easier to transport them over long distances without having to carry them the entire way. READ MORE HERE


Sharon Day said...

I always say that knowledge doesn't ruin mystery, it enhances it. Now, with a feasible explanation for the moving of the stones, we might lose the alien-provoked theories, but we gain new appreciation for the minds of our ancestors and how they got things done. They were not just out of caveman era and stupid. They were spiritually driven and hence moving stones and technology for that was key. Modern day, we are communications and travel-driven, hence airplanes and cell phones. Man develops in whatever arena is his priority at the time.

Notlost42 said...

A rock of 4 or 5 tons is one thing but there are stones of hundreds and hundreds of tons.Does that principle still apply?