Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ancient Acoustics and the Almighty

According to a report at a unique acoustic attribute within a 5,000 year old mortuary temple on the island of Malta produces two distinct resonance frequencies (at 70Hz and 114Hz). The chamber, dubbed the Oracle Room, has a history of supernatural phenomena, which science might now explain.

Among the interesting things learned about the chamber is that the timbre of a deep, male voice attenuated to these cycles creates a resonance that lasts as many as 8 seconds and can be physically felt. Those who have experienced the resonance say they felt relaxed and that it were as if the sensation was radiating from the paintings along the stone walls.

There are other neolithic sites (such as Newgrange) that demonstrate similar sonic vibrations. Scientists have come to learn these can affect the human nervous system and our sense of perception.

It is remarkable that 5,000 years ago, neolithic people were able to take note of the phenomenon and make use of it--likely to exploit the temple's supernatural aura and bring the unseen to life.

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SassyMe said...

Wow, this is fascinating. It would be amazing to have the chance to go an experience this. I imagine it gives one goosebumps and makes the back of your neck tingle.. Cool.