Saturday, November 16, 2013

When You Love Music - Nothing Keeps You Away

Recently in a Norman at one small remote night spot customers listening to live music and a glass of vino were amazed as the back door opened.  Not unusual, you say, but there was no one there and as it opened about three feet all eyes were drawn to the aperture.
Then, our witness noted, all the eyes in the room got round and a little spooked as it paused and then pushed further open as if it was being pushed open to allow someone to enter.
The band leader made a laughing remark, "come on in ghost" and finished the number.  People laughed and returned to the conversations and fun of the evening.  Taking a picture to "remember to tell my friends the story" one of the customers was startled to find in the benign image of the doorway - an orb.
Now, most will agree that an orb is usually dust (and surely dust was blown in by the opening door) but the fact of its placement in the image right in front of the door  with the orb being about head tall was a little disconcerting... 
But, maybe, it was just a music lover out for a good night....

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