Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Haunted Portland

Portland is an incredible and incredibly haunted city. This is my last post of that town's haunts and happenings--and I haven't even covered them all. But I am including those places I actually visited. I urge you to check out some of the literature on the subject for fun or if you plan to travel that way.

An old Mediterranean style school building from 1915 known as the Kennedy School is now an hip, upscale boutique hotel, cafe and restaurant. Only apparently not all the students have matriculated. A few have stayed behind and reports of a little girl with bows on her shoes is a popular one. Some have said the girl is a suicide, others a victim of witchcraft. All classic tropes, for sure. The place is super cool nonetheless. In fact, the bar is the building's old boiler room!

Crystal Hotel
The Crystal Hotel, owned by the same McMenamin brothers (a pair committed to preserving Portland history) who own the Kennedy School and The White Eagle Inn and Saloon, has its own stories. As does the Crystal Ballroom across the street. Staff of the ballroom have reported sounds of dancing and music when no one is there. The hotel was built in 1911 as the Alma and housed a number of different establishments over the years, such as Club Mecca, The Desert Room (the subject of a Senate hearing on vice) as well as a gay bath and bar known as the Silverado. Several strange apparitions and occurrences have been reported in both the Zeus bar downstairs as well as the rooms themselves.

Nina, the prostitute that haunts the Shanghai Tunnels, has also been spotted above ground in the restaurants that now call that spot home, such as Hobo's and Old Town Pizza. Nina, who apparently met her demise when she crossed the wrong people (she was pushed down an elevator shaft), has been spotted by workers and guests alike. A janitor felt unseen hands grab him once at Old Time Pizza. A manager at that establishment spotted a woman in a long dress before the restaurant was supposed to be open. He ran after her, but she vanished when she went into the basement.

Benson Hotel
The Benson hotel opened its doors in 1913. Originally the New Oregon Hotel, the stately pile is rife with ghostly legends, although management discourages them. At least, they attempt to. The ghost of an unknown man stalks the second floor mezzanine that overlooks the lobby. Sometimes he is spotted descending the grand staircase. The ninth floor has its own ghosts, an emaciated looking youn
g boy has been reported by witnesses. They say he appears at your bedside, much as a sleepless child would, and touches you softly. Others mention the 12th and 7th floors have activity as well as the London Grill restaurant where a man in coveralls and a plaid shirt has been spotted by staff.

The Pittock mansion, which overlooks the city from a towering hill that gives the stately home a perfect view of Mt Hood, is said to be haunted by the Pittock's themselves. Henry and Georgiana's haunting is a genial one, as they tend to look after guests and the home.

Pittock Mansion and its view of the city with Mt Hood in the distance.
If you're curious, there are gobs more haunted places in Portland--many chronicled by John Chilson, blogger at Lost Oregon.

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