Monday, October 7, 2013

Where Have All The UFOs Gone?

Over at Mysterious Universe Nick Redfern questions where the UFOs have gone and wonders if this hiatus isn't the perfect time to bone up on old cases.

I've posed the same question here in the past and I think it all comes down to whether you believe UFO phenomena are real or is it all a cultural construct. There are arguments for both.

Regardless if they are real or imagined, one integral component of sightings is that people must be outside 'looking to the stars,' as they once did in those nascent decades of exploration beyond the surface of our planet.

With an adolescent cynicism, we are all now inside watching our MTV and texting our friends and no one and nothing is going to space anymore. I mean, who can afford it? Whatevs! Since we're not looking up, we're focused inward: the individual has never been of higher priority (he says while snapping a selfie) and UFOs fall by the wayside. They may be there, but who is paying attention?

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