Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moore Library Hosts UFO Paranormal Team

"The truth is out there, and investigators from the OK UFO Paranormal team are seeking to find it."  So proclaimed the advertising from the public library of Moore, Oklahoma as they hosted the team in a program on Oct. 29.
Members of Oklahoma UFO Paranormal presenting for the evening included Roger Peacock, focusing on the investigation and evidence of UFOs; Marilyn Carlson, focusing on paranormal experience, Bigfoot and more ; Ken Storch, looking at extraterrestrials and UFO investigations.
The program covered paranormal investigations in Sperry (OK), Tulsa Garden Center (OK), White House (Tulsa), and the Crescent Hotel (ARK).  Then the program shifted to UFO's with many visual samples, videos and clips of known and unknown objects.
Rounding out the evening was Ken Stroud discussing the Bigfoot encounter in "Incident at Narrows Creek" in DuBois, Pa in 2012.
Some of their photographic evidence was intriguing - be it the ghost of the mad doctor at the Crescent or strange anomalous lights in a night sky- and indicates a solid approach that attempts to balance many things as evidence is evaluated.
The public library is to be saluted in providing programs that address the interests of such a wide variety of community members.  The seats were almost all taken for this event and the audience deeply interested in the array of information, visuals and anecdotes provided.
One of the refreshing features of this particular group is the quality of the people involved. They include paleontologists, psychologists, sound/electronics experts,  ex-law enforcement, a past state leader of MUFON and many other specialized fields.  The group specialized in research and investigations into a wide range of topics from UFO's to Bigfoot and Ghosts.  Each member has creditable experience and professional training to add a expertise not always seen in just groups. Contact them mail@ufoparanormalteam.com or ufoparnormalteam.com.

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