Friday, April 5, 2013

Good Golly Miss Molly

Miss Molly's Hotel, an historic B&B in Fort Worth's equally storied Stockyards is perhaps the most famous haunt for hauntings in cow town.

Built in 1910 as the Palace Rooms, a respite for cowboys after a long saddled sojourn, it soon became a notorious brothel operating under the name Gayette Hotel and owned by a woman named Josie King. Surviving through prohibition as a speakeasy, the hotel garnered many colorful legends throughout the years.

It is said now that Josie King herself still haunts the place. King's private room is haunted, of course. Mysterious apports (sometimes a penny "tip" for the lusty landlord) will appear.

Investigators who combed the small inn's rooms met up on several occasion with the mysterious way in which doors seem to get stuck a lot. Humidity? Perhaps, but this is north-central Texas and it can get awfully dry here.

Various apparitions appear here and there. A reporter once saw someone dressed in 1920s attire at the foot of his bed. The ghost of a young girl, the daughter of one of the brothel's workers, has been seen at various times. Outside, a spirit named "Jake" has been spotted along the street, walking between the stockyards and Miss Molly's.

Interesting EVPs have been culled by disparate investigators, including one with a cackling voice that declares, "I've got you!"

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YONKS said...

I love these stories. In the UK they are currently airing Ghost Adventures on Thursday nights. Never miss it, I'm a little sceptical but am amazed nevertheless. I like the fact that they debunk some of their own findings. It gives a certain amount of integrity to ty investigation.

I lived in a haunted house in Cardiff. Aggressive poltergeist. It threw a mirror at me and I almost lost my little finger as I put my hands up to protect my face. My father moved us out 3 days later after it came after my mum. The building is still there, now offices but I am amazed at the turnover of residents, always changing every few years. Makes me wonder if its still happening there. I mst pop in and ask one day.

Nice chatting with you!