Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fort Worth Stockyards, Fort Worth, TX--Once the home of the Swift Meatpacking Plant's offices, this now-defunct Spaghetti Warehouse location sits abandoned but in good repair. Former restaurant workers would complain of ghostly activity such as water in the kitchen that would turn on and off inexplicably--sometimes even exploding all over the place violently. A girl mischievously plays in the bathroom also, unraveling paper towel rolls. It is said she died in the bathroom, after choking on a piece of candy. How bitter sweet. And a cantankerous old cowboy has been known to knock over stools and toss glasses. Even after its closure, visitors to the historic Stockyards would catch sight of a woman walking alond the upstairs balcony. At the same end of Exchange Avenue visitors have glimpsed a phantom cowboy riding his horse up the street.

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