Saturday, January 26, 2013

Strange Sounds In Oregon Have Some Saying Bigfoot

umatilla reservation The Oregonian reports that blood-curdling cries emanating from a nearby swamp have folks at the Umatilla Indian Reservation on edge--and crying Bigfoot.
Since November, locals like Sylvia Minthorn and Colleen Chance have heard the nightly screeches and roars of some unknown animal from a swamp on the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon's Blue Mountains. Chance even made a recording of the weird sounds with her iPhone. Some have dismissed these as the cries of foxes, cougars, or coyotes in heat. Others fear Sasquatch.
Many locals are afraid to venture out at night. One man reports his dogs are now too frightened to go outside.
This, to some, lends gravitas to the fears since the locals are people well-accustomed to the outdoors, its many inhabitants, and their various calls throughout the year. For them now to be afraid of something is cause for concern. It means something new is in their midst.
Minthorn's mother believes there may be more than one creature in the area. She has heard two different cries in the night, coming from two different directions. It was, she stated, as if they were communicating back and forth.
Another Minthorn, Armand, claims to have spotted at 16 to 18 footprint years ago in the Blue Mountains. So, he believes in the Bigfoot hypothesis.
He wouldn't be alone.
The Blue Mountains are a hotspot for Sasquatch reports--tribal or otherwise. In his book Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, Dr. Jeff Meldrum outlines several reports and expeditions into the region that resulted in what he believes is compelling evidence for the existence of an unknown animal in the Pacific Northwest.

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