Sunday, January 20, 2013

No Moon Landing Hoax


Glenn MacDonald said...

How were they able to take off from the moon? All that fyel to blast them to the moon welk what gas di u refuel with on moon. Especially when they discard all that on takeoff. Y havent we gone back???? Y can't we even come close now??

Cullan Hudson said...

The first part is easier to answer than the second. All that fuel is necessary to escape earth's gravity. The moon on the other hand doesn't have the same problem. Escaping it's weak gravity and launching yourself on a re-entry freefall to earth isn't as fuel-consuming. Now, as to why we haven't gone back? Well, that's trickier. I daresay a lot of it has to do with a simple cost-benefit analysis. It simply wasn't worth it in the end run, despite TV fantasies of moon bases, etc. Cold War bragging rights had an expensive price tag.