Friday, January 4, 2013

Is Bigfoot A Big Waste Of Time?

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As reported in the Charlotte Observer, science writer Brian Switek harangues readers with an exasperated diatribe (you can almost visualize him throwing his hands up in the air with a sigh) about the total time-suck that is cryptozoology--especially as it concerns Bigfoot.

And while you may hate to admit it, the man makes some valid points.

But should that matter? Even if this (and many other cryptids) are entirely nonexistent, is the quest without merit? Can we not look at how big cryptozoology and paranormal interests have become and ask ourselves if there aren't larger social yearnings at work? Are these not worth exploring as well?

Moreover, who are any of us to rob people of something they enjoy?  Yes, we get it: THE EVIDENCE IS SCANT BEYOND REASON! what?

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