Sunday, June 24, 2012

Updates From Reader Comments

A couple of recent comments I had received by e-mail from readers. Perhaps these thoughts will give us new ideas to mull over in examining their respective mysteries...

Hi! I was reading through your website today (GREAT website, by the way!) and I chanced on the story of The Valentich Vanishing that you posted around 8/11/2011. What is interesting is that I read a book a year or so ago entitled Ghosts of the Air by Martin Caiden and I believe your story of The Valentich Vanishing is the second part of a story he wrote about in his book.

First of all, if you are familiar with the book, I apologize for telling you about a book you already know about. But if you haven't read it yet, it is an excellent book. Martin Caiden seems to have been a seen everything, done everything type of pilot and pilots are not known to be the most fanciful people on earth. So Mr. Caiden took a group of hard headed sensible men and asked them for ghost stories, verified them, and printed the best. One of those stories concerns a pilot who ran into what he thought was a UFO in the Australian desert. I don't have the book with me at this time, but I will quote myself as how I described this part in the book to my friends on a forum:

  "And then there's the pilot in Australia flying a bunch of Japanese businessmen. He ran into a bright light that stayed with him most of the flight. When he was ready to land, he told someone on the ground to check his wing as he came in because he was having some trouble with it (didn't want to admit to a UFO). The light landed with him, took off, landed on a nearby hill and took off again. The ground person was practically hysterical and ended up sending it in as a report to a UFO group. The pilot refused to say another word about it until after what happened later."

What happened later in that same area, a young pilot was heard radioing in hysterically that he had a bright light outside his plane that was matching his speed and movements. Then the transmission broke off and that particular plane has never been found to this day.

I believe The Valentich Vanishing is the story of that second pilot.

I will double check the book again, because it is possible this pilot was named and I have just forgotten the name. I do remember in the book that the area was thoroughly searched with no sign of the plane or pilot.

If there is no name, I will try to verify what if I can, but I thought you would be interested in the coincidence. Meantime, if you can find Ghosts of the Air, you might be interested in giving it a read. Along with the haunted planes (and Mr. Caiden doesn't even touch on the subject of Flight 401), there are some truly other spine tingling things that he has run across that have nothing to do with ghosts.

Anyway, thank you for reading what has turned out to be a longer email than I planned. Again, you have a great site and I have bookmarked it and look forward to reading many more fascinating posts.--- Kelly Scott


Hello, I came across the page about the Bridgend Suicides in South Wales, and I wanted to write to comment. I think there is probably a link between these suicides of teenagers (over 40) and the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in schools. Teachers are being trained to use this hypnotic technique at school, and children are also subjected to NLP during 'training courses'. Hardly anyone seems to know about this. I would recommend that everyone research it. There are several of these 'suicide clusters' around the UK and the States, and no-one ever seems to connect it with the mind-programming of children at school. This needs to be exposed! I hope you can make an addition to your page along these lines.---Regards, P.M.

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Rebecca Hamilton said...

Wow, talk about knowledgeable on all things paranormal. I stumbled on this blog and will have to keep up to date on it now. Love the layout (obviously you are a talented graphic designer). I look forward to learning more about your books!

I'll look for Ghosts of the Air.