Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Connecting Bigfoot and UFOs

These things crop up from time to time: sightings of UFOs in association with the presence of sasquatch-like creatures.  Are these little more than expressions of the desire in some to connect to disparate passions? Could there be a reason a percentage of UFO sightings involve hairy hominids? A recent submission to the MUFON sightings database is yet another puzzling example of what might seem, at first glance, as silliness--but what if those little green men are Bigfoot fans too?

"I was standing next to my friend who was standing in a 10 ft clearing in woods when she was personally buzzed by this unseen object.

Then the Sat night before Easter, we decided to sit in my truck and watch at night. We 1st saw orbs in the woods and then a white light flew in and stopped at the front corner of the woods no higher than the trees and hovered there silently for over 45 mins.

The object was across the cornfield from us which is no more than a short block. The object would get brighter sometimes, it would change from a PacMan shape (or bell shape) to round, sometimes fade out to a cigarette shape and disappear and then come back on bright as ever. We forgot our binoculars but we could see that sometimes there was a red light at the bottom and sometimes the object was a white circle with a red ring around it. It made no noise whatsoever and hovered there until it traveled back over a duck pond area and then over a marsh area when we lost sight of it. Altogether we saw it that Sat for an hour probably.

The weirder thing though, is that we go back every Sat nite and between 8 & 10pm, the object shows up but it has been farther away over the duck pond and marsh areas. On these other occasions, we have seen in our binoculars that the object has red lights sometimes, sometimes it is circled in red, sometimes we see green lights, or blue lights, sometimes a 2 part object connected, one time hazy search lights or something that shines to the area below it and then in front of it and then above it. But it always hovers in an area and then moves and hovers over another area for a long time. Last night it seemed farther away and we got bored watching it for over a half hour so we thought maybe we could find it and get closer. Everytime we do that though, we either cant find it at all or like last night we lost sight of it on the winding country roads or it moved off. We watched that object last night for over 2 hours.

The reason we are contacting you is we would like someone else to take a look at this object who has knowledge of UFOs and tell us what you think and also because maybe you can give us some clues on how to track it better to get a closer look. The first time we saw it, we were too scared to even move! Now, we want to get a better look."


Autumnforest said...

I used to think such connections were totally unrelated, but it is rather interesting. What the implications are if they are purposefully related--can't even begin to imagine.

Geoff Keeling said...

I'm not quite sure where to write this, so I'm leaving a comment. You may be interested in this article - In a non provocative fashion, can I ask, what is your response to the ideo-motor effect?

Cullan Hudson said...

I think subconscious movements are entirely possible, especially when the will is present. For this reason, I would never recommend them for ghost hunting, and not because I think they are dangerous. IMHO, ouija boards are a fun party game akin to "light as a feather; stiff as a board". They aren't portals to demon dimensions through which all manner of evil will slip through.

admin said...

From the point of view of parapsychology, neither of these subjects make the case. Bigfoot sometimes gets lumped into an actual science zoology or the quasi science of cryptozoology. Cyptozoology studies and researches not yet discovered animals and insects. Animals and insects are not to be mistaken with intelligent life forms.

Ufology is even a harder case to make as it involves intelligent life capable of interstellar or multidimensional travel.

Both subjects, are possible but unlikely; possible in the fact that we lack proof that it is impossible. Unlikely as we have no source of information (Science)to show any reason for believing in the subject matter at all.

The act of linking these two subjects together is too much of a stretch of the imagination, (square root of impossible).

Anonymous said...

Big foot and Uris connect together because big foots fades away in the woods and quickly disappears never really found any evidence of where he's hiding.ufos disappear and reappear and are seen world wide just like the big foot. Bigfoot was most likely created by extraterrestrials and is a hybride- ape like being that could explain is ability to disappear so fast and run fast with unusual noises.