Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Cloud Creature Of The Orkney's

This interesting report comes from over at Mysterious Universe.

"Another breed of atmospheric monster is said to hail from the tiny islands off Scotland’s Shetland archipelago. The Shetland Islands are a remote and mist shrouded locale about 50-miles northeast of Orkney and it should come as no surprise to any student of the unknown that they are known to harbor a monster, but unlike the famed lake beasties of the Scottish highlands, the thing that the islanders know only as “it” is quite unlike any other creature on Earth.

The locals matter-of-factly believe this vaporous varmint is merely a “cloud animal” that dwells in the skies above and for reason unknown occasionally makes the long journey to Terra Firma. Those who have come into contact with this organism have met with no harm and report the physical sensation is akin to being licked by an “enormously soft tongue.” While that effect may not be fatal, it certainly is distasteful.

One incident reported by a policeman details a run-in with this (or a similar) entity that occurred while the officer was bicycling on his patrol route. The lawman claimed that “it” enveloped him creating the sensation of being wrapped in a “soft blanket” that smelled of “mildew.” The being, which the officer was convinced was alive, swiftly soared away, but the shaken officer claimed that it had been one of the most terrifying experiences of his entire life."

What I find fascinating is the description of how the locals perceive the entity. If folkloric, they haven't ascribed any of the typical attributes of a "monster": the thing is nebulous and not hideous; it isn't bent on terrorizing the populace; they've not labeled it "evil"...  In the author's words, it seems as if this Orkney phenomenon is no more peculiar than a rare species of bird. I find that lack of sensationalism quite intriguing.

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