Friday, March 9, 2012

Supernatural Experience In Ireland?

This was forwarded to me from a colleague. It's an account she wrote at my behest of her sojourn to Newgrange, the prehistoric complex in County Meath, Ireland. . . .

The bus was small but its huge windows provided ample views of the lush green fieldsand rippling hills.  Despite a leaden sky, the colors seem vibrant and the world more intimate.
The Hill of Tara, ancient site of the High King of Ireland, the crumbling Slane Castle, and enough thatched roof cottages, with bright red doors, to make any sightseer giddy.
The curving River Boyne, said to have been engraved in the soil of Ireland by the goddess Boanne herself and the water where the mighty Finn caught the Salmon of Wisdom, was surging and tumbling over gray rocks and hardy fisherman waded its tumult to fill their baskets with a catch of trout and salmon.
Around the small narrow lanes we moved until there was the site older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge, the structure known as Newgrange (dated to about 3,200 B.C.E.).
Aligned to the solstice, its exact purpose is unknown, although researchers suggest it was a place of deep religious significance due to the burial and reburial activities traced there.
It was a mound covering an acre of ground (some 250 feet across, 40 feet high) and surrounded by thousands of pounds of rocks brought there from some forty miles away. Around its parameter were the remains of a one time circle of standing stones. At the entrance the impressive huge stone carved with mysterious spirals and carvings yet to be conclusively interpreted.
The long, rock hewn passage leading nearly twenty feet into the very heart of the mound branched off near its end into three alcoves. Above was the unique corbelled roof of stones.
Cautioned on the tour not to touch the walls, the shadowy interior, and the group of people in the passage meant at one point I was pushed back against the rock face of the passage. When that happened an almost static charge of electricity rippled through me and for a moment it was as if I did not stand in the 20th century but had been catapulted through time and space into the time when some of my ancestors might have helped construct the mighty mound and worship there in the course of time.
Although the mound, like many such locales, has been noted to have increased levels of electromagnetic readings, I noted the others in the group seemed oblivious of any thing but the rain, the cold, and the sights they were seeing. They had not touched the wall of course, but still I had to wonder if they would have experienced that thrill of the mysterious in quiet the same way or felt that rush as time and space flexed around me for that brief- all too short – time


Gracie said...

I had a very similar experience near the Newgrange site on March 31st, 2012. While at the site I had a number of problems with my camera; it had brand new batteries, but it kept shutting off whenever I tried to take a picture. My husband is very skeptical and has a logical explanation for everything, so he was convinced I mistakenly put old batteries back into the camera or something. Once we arrived back from Newgrange, we headed over the bridge to the visitor center. About 3/4 of the way over the bridge, I felt this electrical charge feeling or like force went right through me; I almost felt like I was going to fall or pass out. I had an espresso that morning and thought maybe it was just me and I had too much caffeine. Then the girl in front of us asked her friend "Did you feel that?", and then my husband turned to me and asked if I had felt it to. Then we felt it again. We were both completely surprised that the other person had felt it and we tried to figure out what it might have been. We thought it was wind rocking the bridge, but there was no wind; the trees and branches were completely still. My husband thought it might have been because a lot of people were on the bridge and causing it to move, but we turned around and we were the last people on the bridge. Once we crossed the bridge, we stood to the side and waited for the next group of people to walk over; to see if anyone seemed to experience anything in that same spot. We watched about 15 more people cross the bridge, but none of them seemed to experience anything. It was definitely one of the most bizarre things that has ever happened to me and the fact that my husband felt the exact same thing and was equally mystified; made it even stranger. I tried to look and see if there is some unusual history on the bridge, but I have not found anything. Your story is the first I have seen that is very close, geographically and experience-wise; to what occurred to us.

Unknown said...

This is fascinating! Mix into this the ancient Celtic belief in the Tuatha De Danaan - the undying ones because they seemed always young - a sort of demi-god race predating the Irish, the sons of Mil. Some of the mounds acquired the label of fairy mounds and stories exist of blue light ( a visualization of electromagnetic force?) and barriers like those mentioned on the second comment. Time portals? That might explain the always young nature of the Tuatha De Danaan (who have also been associated with refugees from Atlantis). Fascinating!