Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Paranormal In TV

Last week, the thrilling search for Dr. Emmet Cole came to its possession-filled conclusion on ABC's The River. I am personally looking forward to a second season soon. The show's producers were smart to utilize an HBO-style schedule by shooting only 10 episodes. It kept the pace taut, allowing mysteries to build and conclude without becoming unduly burdensome (do you hear me, LOST? Heroes?).

Tonight begins Long Island Medium on TLC. I don't know much about this show but I suspect it's another tired "reality" program centering around a psychic medium, her obnoxious family and friends, and their LawnG Island accents, which caters to several reality TV memes all in one show.

You won't find anything much on Syfy or the History Channel. The latter now only airs three shows: two about pawn shops and one about loggers.

It would seem that the tide is beginning to turn on paranormal reality shows. There aren't nearly as many as there were even a year ago. But we can look forward to the return of Fact or Faked on April 17th, doubtlessly retooled again. Let's hope that last season's lackluster performance will be addressed.

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