Friday, March 30, 2012

Haunted Fort Gaines.


A few days ago, I explored Fort Gaines, a military fortification that dates (in various iterations) to early French settlers to Mobile Bay. The current Structure was principally built in the 1850's and was invaluable during the Civil War and served the military on through the first World War. Fort Gaines is where during the Battle of Mobile Bay Admiral Farragut issued those famously paraphrased orders, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"

It's also supposed to be a very haunted locations, filled with spirits from French colonial occupation, the Civil War, and thereafter. Phantoms voices, apparitions, and uneplained occurrences have all been reported by visitors.

Even though I was blessed with a quiet morning with scarcely any visitors, I nonetheless came back with nothing but pictures of this interesting historic monument. I attempted to record some EVP, but without any success--mostly. I did have one recording reveal what sounds like someone with a heavy foot shuffling or stumbling nearby. The "footsteps" start out softly before growing louder and then they begin to fade again, as if the sound were coming from afar and passing near the recorder; in this case, my cell phone. But those sounds could have been an echo across the stone and brick walls. I can't be sure. I won't make much of it. There were also ferries running every few minutes and they would make a chug-chug-chug sound as they approached the docks across from the fort. It may have been this sound distorted by the recorder. I didn't hear it at the time, but then I wasn't really paying attention. I mostly followed a protocol of placing the recorder down, taking my pictures, and just talking aloud to myself about what I was seeing and asking questions of no one in particular.


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