Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Raining Blue Balls!

Forteana has long been filled with tales of "falls", the showering of peculiar objects from the heavens. These have included fish, frogs, nails, hay... Now, it seems that in Dorset, England another weird rain has fallen.

Steve Hornsby was caught in a shower of strangely gelatinous blue "hail", which measured roughly 3 cm in diameter. He collected these odd, gooey balls in a jar and refrigerated them.

At least once scientist, Josie Pegg of Bournemouth University, posited the unusual phenomenon could have been comprised of marine invertebrate eggs that sometimes cling to the feet of water fowl. Flying through a storm, the eggs could have been dislodged, falling on the hapless Mr. Hornsby.


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