Friday, December 9, 2011

Nights in New Orleans

New Orleans Night

The other day, I drove over to New Orleans for the afternoon. It was unseasonably frigid, but I enjoyed myself despite the cold. It was better, in fact since the temps kept the usual drunken crowds at bay. Even the ghost tour seemed small. But I suppose it was mid-week on a cold December night. I saw one of this outfit's brochures earlier in the day. They claim that 90% of participants return with pictures of paranormal activity. I suppose if that activity includes "orbs", then they can stand behind that claim. But the streets do seem darker, more dangerous with the revelers at bay, as if each shadowed alley becomes home to spirits of the night--or muggers.

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Adsila said...

I love the eeriness of the picture. I have plans of visiting New Orleans someday.