Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ring In The New Strange Year

Happy New Year's Eve all. I hope you're gearing up for a safe, fun, and maybe even strange celebration. 2012 will see the end of the world (LOL! Read my tags on Doomsday, Armageddon, Mayan prophecy and the like for more) and the 1,000 year anniversary of an Oklahoma runestone. I'm sure as end of days mania heats up, 2012 will see some strangeness. I only hope that no suicidal/sacrificial cults arise as they tend to do in such times.

For my last post of 2011, I will share a few anecdotes I read at the library yesterday in a book on Alabama....

Many apparent outdoor shots (the mountain highway for instance) in close Encounters of the Third Kind were actually sets erected in a hangar at Mobile, AL's Brookley Air Force Base.

Furthermore, between April 1950 and June 1954, Brookley was the epicenter of a rash of "real" UFO sightings.

One particularly interesting incident occurred in August 1952 when several objects were reported by disparate eyewitnesses--accounts confirmed by Air Force radar.


Autumnforest said...

Have a great transition to the most awesome year ever - I now announce that 2012 will be great for everyone! Okay, maybe I'm sprinkling fairy dust, but the year is what you make of it, so have fun with 2012.

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Happy New Year!