Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Yellow Brick Road Goes On

Kansas, long made famous for the strangely colored roadway leading to an even more bizarre colored city, recently was host to another kind of event.  It was, some might say, equally strange.   OZUFO explored in Lawrence, Kansas not only the idea of UFO's but various other aspects related to how people interpret them, how society views them, and the possibility of disclosure, but mostly on censorship (formal and informal) of the topic itself. Everything from the nudge and wink news caster recounting a story to the threat of bodily harm to those who experienced strange events was explored.

Despite recent White House assurances to the contrary, there is still the possibility that the truth remains hidden behind a curtain with perceptions controlled by levers  and knobs of censorship and disinformation.   The truth spills out in tiny drops and leaves a trail leading back to larger possibilities. The 'secret NASA' long thought to be a product of fevered cold war imaginations and UFO hysteria has now been recognized as truth.  Other leaks and clues have likewise been - quietly - released officially providing legitimacy for some wild theories: Operation Paperclip and the psychic operations experiments of the military  just two examples.  

Where is the modern version of a dogged Toto who will pull aside the curtain once and for all?   Who, most importantly, will we find standing there as the manipulator of reality?

View a video clip on the OZUFO Conference here.


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Autumnforest said...

I live for speculation and conjecture. I think all viewpoints are valid because all of it is subjective until a UFO actually lands and we discover its origins and it becomes reality.