Sunday, November 27, 2011

It Can Make You Wonder

In a recent edition of the publication, UFO Magazine,  author Farah Yurdozu discusses "Metropolis as Prophecy".  In this thoughtful work she notes that in 1918 the notorious Aleistair Crowley conducted a dark magick ritual which was thought, by some, to have been responsible for opening a gateway ("a stargate") between realities or distant celestial locations.  

This was further compounded by  a follow-up ritual, called the Babylon Working in 1946, according to Yurdozu.  It was said to have been conducted by the Crowley group called the Ordos Templi Orientis and  involved a rocket designer Jack Parsons, future founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard and unnamed others.  It was followed, a year later by the recognized beginning of the 'UFO age' with the Kenneth Arnold sightings in Washington state. (UFO Magazine, vol.24, no. 4, Issue # 157, page 20f).  

The inference is plain: this group cracked open a doorway and left it open allowing all kinds of mischief to slip into this reality.  At first glance, it is an intriguing idea.

Does it hold water as the old saying goes?  At one end of the spectrum are the 'alien astronaut' proponents and at the other the 1946-47 sightings.   Some will point to an article said to be in the The Missouri Democrat dated October 19, 1865 about a mysterious sky object.  Others will note the 'airship flap' of the late 1800's and so forth. 

What if the doorway idea was correct?  What other 'evidence' might there be that the door opened and, if opened, then could it be 'closed' now? Crazy idea, right?  Then you begin to think about the high strangeness which seems to mounting under the shadow of coming shift of our own realities in 2012.

It can make you wonder...

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