Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Reputation Alive At Overholser

The Jack O' LanternsRecently, on a visit to the Overholser Mansion, an historic (and some affirm haunted) home in Oklahoma City's Heritage Hills neighborhood, some unusual things were experienced by visitors:
"A staff member was taking a guest to the Carriage House to retrieve something left in there from the being of the evening's special tour. The building was locked and the person was fumbling for the right key and trying to see it in the faint pool of light above the door when a sound was heard from inside. The two looked at each other and the staffer said, 'I thought [name witheld] had already left.'  He rapped on the door and called out but there was no response...until four raps were heard clearly by the two standing at the door. 'Open up, will you?'   When no one appeared at the door the staffer shrugged and set to putting the keys in the locks. At that point, both people observed the door shake and the knob rattle, just as if some one was pulling on the door from the inside. Rattled, the staffer stooped and opened the mail slot and glanced in but could see no one. Quickly now, the door was unlocked and the people entered, a rapid check of both floors of the small carriage house revealed there was no one else in the building and no explanation for what both had seen and heard."
Another guest in attendance, Ann Boyd, has had some limited psychic experiences herself.  So, it was not altogether suprising to find as she was visiting with another guest on the 3rd floor ballroom that peculiar things occurred. The other guest refused to go into the tower room (an area others have had experiences in) and reported a shortness of breath. With Boyd's encouragement, the two women walked into the room just off the tower to explore the space where the woman felt breathless. Once there, the other woman insisted, "I can't stay in here."  Boyd reported feeling a familiar tingling chill she encounters whenever "spirits" or paranormal activity are encountered. The air around her chilled deeply despite her warm clothing and the heat of the building.
Boyd also reported being in conversation with another woman in the house and the word 'ouiji board' kept popping into her head. It was as if a sign had popped over her head, flashing a warning not to use a ouija board. For some reason, Boyd felt she needed to warn this woman not to use one. Timorously, she broached the topic: "This may sound very strange but have you ever used a ouiji board? I keep getting this word in my head for some reason." The other woman froze and her eyes got bigger.  "Yes, I did--once--and it was not good!" She finally replied after a pause. "I will never use that again. How did you know?" "Okay, I had this deep impression you were to be warned to never consult one of those things. So strong, I felt I had to ask and say something."

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