Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Party Ideas

The holiday will be here before we know it, so you may already be planning your get-together. Do they seem, despite thematic changes in decor, to be the same thing year after year? Why not inject a little something different in this year's event. One idea is to host a writer's party (for all you authors and would-be writers out there).  The idea is to host something of the kind of soiree that gave inspiration to Frankenstein; when Mary Shelley, her husband, and several other noted writers were all challenged to come up with the best horror tale. You could have your guests write these out (microfiction or short short stories) or, better still, they could spend this month penning the terror that will be unleased in a reading during the party. Your decorative theme could be anything, but maybe a gothic castle on a stormy night would lend a literary air to the readings nicely. And for such a upscale and learned event, you might want to eschew your typical body parts in a jar theme and embrace one of the more stylishly spooky ideas presented by the likes of Martha Stewart.


Little Gothic Horrors said...

Have you ever seen the film 'Gothic'? It's a fictionalized account of the evening, starring Gabriel Byrne as Byron, and Natasha Richardson as Mary Shelley. I saw it years ago, in London. I can't even remember if it was any good, but it was pretty over the top, like all Ken Russell films.

Cullan Hudson said...

No,I have not seen that. Sounds interesting though.