Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Airship Mysteries Remain

One thing that has always puzzled me about old tales of mysterious airships and their strange occupants is how often those same-said occupants have seen it necessary to either lasso a cow from their craft or shimmy down to the ground on a rope, often attached to an anchor.

If we assume, as ancient astronaut theorists do, that these UFOs are otherworldly craft that have doubtlessly ventured from far away (a proposition requiring staggering technology), then don't we find it odd that their sole means of getting down on the ground consists of a rope?  And no brillant beam of impossible properties is snagging that bovine--just a lasso.

Moreover, these accounts almost never speak of strange beings. They are described as men (sometimes women) in sailor-like suits or uniforms of the ilk expected of a crewman aboard any vessel. Nary a word is written about big heads, big eyes, strange coloration or any other queer feature that would set these aeronauts apart from their contemporaries.

You can read other tales of airship visitors and the like over at Mysterious Universe, including several throughout England and Ireland that seem as if they're retellings on the same parable.  There are also those from the 19th Century American West.

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