Thursday, August 4, 2011

Did Woman's Ghost Save Her Son?

Post-Tribune (IN) - June 16, 1994

Lawrence Skubish knew his 25-year-old daughter Christine was missing for days in California.
A national newscast showing the mangled wreckage of her car told Skubish she was dead.

"The report said they had found her car all mangled up and it said she didn't live," Skubish said from his Portage Township home. "It was like a nightmare just unfolded all of a sudden."

Christine Skubish 's death made national news this week because her 3-year- old son, Nick , Lawrence Skubish 's grandson, survived the drive off a 40- foot cliff and lived for five days before being rescued.

"Thank God little Nicky is alive," Skubish said. "I put trust in the good Lord and we will do what we must to go on."

Christine Skubish attended Portage High School from January 1986 to December 1987. She also attended Ivy Tech in Gary and Valparaiso, Skubish said. Christine was a partner in a Merrillville business called Nails on Broadway for about a year before moving to California, he said.

"She was such a good girl," Skubish recalled. "She wanted to go to law school."

Christine and Nick were last seen June 6 in Placerville, Calif., El Dorado County Sheriff Lt. Howard Wilson said.

On June 9, a motorist traveling the winding and mountainous U.S. 50 through the El Dorado National Forest claims to have seen the figure of a pale white, naked woman laying curled on the road, Wilson said. Police searched the area and found nothing, Wilson said.

The next morning, Deputy Richard Strasser, who pieced together the last hours of Christine 's life, drove to the area where the motorist reported the naked figure and saw a baby's shoe nearby.

"There was nothing else there to indicate an accident, no skid marks or anything," Wilson said.

At the bottom of the cliff were the motionless bodies of Christine and Nick Skubish . The 3-year-old was alive, but scratched, dehydrated and malnourished, Wilson said. He has since has been released from the hospital, Wilson said.

Police say it appears Christine fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the road.

A memorial service for Christine and a trust fund for Nick are being arranged.

[Cullan's note] According to an interview with Strasser by Sue Kovach, author of Hidden Files, it seemed like the boy had at one point released his seatbelt, crawled from the vehicle, and stripped himself bare--perhaps because of the heat of the day. This is evidenced by several factors, not the least of which were the poison oak burns on his body from a nearby plant. It is possible that it was the boy who climbed up to the road to be spotted by the motorist. If so, it's hard to reconcile the witnesses report of a naked woman at the side of the road.


Sharon Day said...

I'm not usually a romantic sap about such stories, but I do believe that a mother's will to save her child would extend past the moment of death until assuring his safety.

jaygeiger said...

I ve seen this on paranormal witness and I wanted to see if it was true and it seems like it is

erikarado said...

I had just seen this episode. I believe Christine's love endured to save her son, and by God's grace her will led to his rescue. I am still in awe, yet I remain saddened by her death.

erikarado said...

There was no intent to spam. I only made a religious reference, which you apparently felt was off-topic. Even the victim's father alluded to the good Lord. I'm sorry for your aversion to religion.

erikarado said...

It was a miracle the victim survived, and her father thanked the good Lord. Yet you think any reference to God is off topic. That's sad.

Cullan Hudson said...

@erikarado: what are you even talking about?

Cullan Hudson said...

@erikarado: I can only postulate that because your comments weren't IMMEDIATELY approved, you assumed a persecuted posture and made several unfounded conclusions: your comments were witheld and I have an "aversion to religion". Wow that is incredibly ego-centric. The assumption that all I do is sit around awaiting to publish your every comment the moment you type it is ridiculous. Sometimes it might be a a day or two before I can get around to publishing it. As is, these showed up yesterday and I'm posting them today. Hardly an unbearable amount of time to wait, considering I actually have a life outside this blog.

Unknown said...

This is a very sad story. Obviously it was the child that made his way to the road naked. Poor baby probably didnt know what was happening and why? Thank God they found him in time.

Unknown said...

look if it was the spirit of this young lady than thats fine, if it was the boy thats fine also! at least he lived.

Jessica Stallings said...

I'm watching this right now on Netflix. I do believe that she was reaching out for someone to save her baby.

Heather said...

The little boy said he saw a light above the car so he wasn't scared. I believe the Mom was there comforting him and making sure he was saved. Such a neat story! Shows that not even death can stop a Mothers need to love and protect

Unknown said...

I don't understand how the boy was found naked inside the car. How did his clothes come off and is it possible that he was the one that was naked on the side of the road and not a ghostly image of his mother?

walk in light said...

I believe God placed her spirit there to be spotted. I don't believe it was her ghost. Don't believe in ghost cept the holy ghost

Unknown said...

I really love ghost stories as well as movies and I read almost all types of scary books.Ghost Stories are the part of our life. We are directly or in directly related to ghost stories or paranormal.