Friday, July 22, 2011

Mystery Bird Appears In Home Movie

In this video, which hasn't survived the passage of time well, a mystery bird is spotted that some liken to a crane (and with its trailing legs, I might agree). However, I note that it seems...stiff. My first thought was actually a kite flying by in the background. I don't know why really it is being presented as a cryptid mystery. I think there could be countless explanations.

A poster on another thread thought it might be an Alp, a mythical creature of Germanic legend.


Autumnforest said...

I think it's just a bird but look at the quality of the video-not so good. I like the ALP explanation. It's intriguing and unusual.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The head sort of looks like a Canadian Goose, yet the wings seem way too long! Ahhhh...ya gotta love a mystery!


Mr Black said...

Was that Rodan? I see what you are saying. It is very stiff like a kite or a plane. Not at all organic.


Have you ever noticed how often in these spontaneous videos the focus is suddenly no longer on the object of the video but now includes just the space where the 'thing' is seen? The focus is, one assumes, the dancing children, yet the camera - at just the right time - suddenly ranges back to include the sky and trees, lowers its angle more - to catch the strange sky object, thing in the trees, or whatever other unknown is being claimed.