Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get A Big Scare Out Of Halloween This Year!

Make THIS giant costume and you're sure to get some big scares from your Halloween guests this October. Plan ahead, and you can simply and easily make lots of high-impact haunted house decorations or costumes--even on a recession budget!

More great ideas can be found at the DIY site


Autumnforest said...

I am soooo in the Halloween mood now. It happens every July when we start to get clouds. I remember what autumn feels like. I long for deep shadows on the ground and the sun moving south again. I'm going to come up with a new window display this year. I'm really hoping to use my new zombie statue as part of it.

Cullan Hudson said...

I'm going to New Orleans for Halloween this year--barring any book appearances I might need to make (work first!). I've always wanted to do that and this year, I'll only be about 2 hours away and meeting...friends from Phoenix.