Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Psychic Fails, Media Jumps The Gun--NO BODIES IN TEXAS

Following the advice of a psychic, Hardin, Texas police, a la Medium, set out on to investigate her claims of a mass grave containing dozens of dismembered corpses.

Officials checked out the location, on a rural farm 50 miles northeast of Houston, only to discover not one single body. The media, however, voraciously reported that as many as 30 hacked up remains were found, childen included. After a thorough search by Captain Rex Evans and the officers of the Liberty County sheriff department, it was determined that no homicides occurred on the premises, nor were any bodies ever disposed of at the farm.

County officials are now looking to charge the woman who gave the tip with having given false information and creating 'havoc'.

Joe Bankson, a long-haul truck driver was away from his home while the search was undertaken. He's mystified as to why his family had been targeted in such a manner. As for the blood reportedly found on-site, his daughter's ex-boyfriend slit his wrists weeks before. Bankson cleaned up most of it, but apparently not all. The ex-boyfriend is currently in a psychiatric hospital.

This might be a good soap box moment to harangue readers on the dangers of purported "psychics". However, that may be something of a foregone conclusion. Instead, it might be warranted to recall some thoughts I had on the media in this day and age--especially since it involves another figure who has been in the media as of late...


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