Friday, June 3, 2011

Paris: City of Lovers--Even Long After Death!

It is said that sometime during the second World War, a French woman had an affair with a Nazi officer.  Her husband, a member of the resistance, learned of this and left without a word. She waited for him long past midnight on the Pont Marie, a bridge in the city of Paris where they had agreed to meet, hoping he would change his mind. He did not, but she waited and waited until her heartsick body succumbed to the frigid winter. Legend says her spirit lingers there still, awaiting the love she took for granted.

A jealous, spurned lover pushed the object of his affection from atop the famed Eiffel Tower according to some sources.  The woman can, at times, be heard laughing before a frightened "NO!" is struck and a plummetous scream is heard fading into silence.

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