Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Family" of Sasquatch Prints Reported In New Mexico

Near Glorieta, NM, a source (going solely by the moniker "bonobomichael") has written online (via Associated Content) that he and a companion had heard that state police were looking into reports from campers about huge footprints seen near La Queva Creek in the town of Glorieta. The pair decided to investigate for themselves and discovered huge tracks (in various sizes) that ran for nearly a mile in the sandy soil before petering out near a rocky outcropping.

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Bonobomichael didn't take any pictures--at least, none are posted--so we really only have his word on this. As a self-described artist, I would think the man would have access to a camera and the foresight to bring it along should he decide to investigate sasquatch tracks. The man has interest in UFOs, getting stoned and writing pointless anecdotes that sometimes touch upon all things bigfoot.

I don't say this to disparage his testimony; rather, to give you a fuller understanding about who made this report. Read through his oeuvre on Associated Content and decide for yourself if this seems like a credible witness.

Other blogs have begun picking up this tale without questioning the man who made it. I have to wonder about his sobriety at the time of his adventure.  I wonder about his strong interest in sasquatch and peculiar ramblings about the creature running about downtown Santa Fe.  I'm curious as to why he didn't take any pictures or casts.  I also wonder if the State Police ever actually investigated any such claims by campers, which doesn't seem likely.

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Autumnforest said...

Very astute. I would not have pursued that tale if I wanted to investigate BF. It's like here in AZ, we had a ridiculous report of one in Gila Bend in the open desert of all places! Poor BF. I hope he has an SPF of 50 or more.